Blackwot Aimbot & Sae

BlackWot offers; You can buy your license!!!

  • Blackwot autoaim by Sae
  • Aimbot by Sae
  • Blackwot Mods by PF

How to buy? simple :

  1. subscribe on the Blackwot forum
  2. choose your mod 
  3. go in checkout 
  4. wait your license from an administrator 

1) BlackWot Autoaim

Improved auto-aim. Allows you to see enemies behind obstacles, to capture them in sight and behind obstacles to direct sight proactive(taking into account the speed of technology and projectile). Allows you to target the places with the thinnest armor. Indispensable for shooting with artillery at moving enemies.


2) Aimbot by Sae

Sae needs no introduction, it is one of the best aimbot


3) BW Mods

2 version (Unlimited or 30 days)

List of Mods

BREAKABLE - removal sweep objects
SHADOW - the shadow
XRAYS - stroke technology behind the obstacle (x-ray)
RELOADING - reloading
WATCHFUL - indication opponents
DESTRUCTION - destruction on the minimap
HEALTHCARE - repair, automatic fire extinguisher
TUNDRA - removal of vegetation
AWARENESS - display of installed equipment over the markers technique
SPGHUNTER - search and visual representation of the location of enemy artillery
OUTSIGHT - sphere outside of rendering
EWA - aimbot
LASERS - Lasers
MTURRETS - direction guns on the minimap

Buy now your license and play with style!

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