sabato 14 ottobre 2017

9.20 0.9.20 -- KupJones Harpoon

So, I took Lenya's Harpoon gun-sight and made some modifications, translated important things into English and repackaged into the 'wotmod' format.  This is the gunsight that I use -- I have tried multiple gunsights and I honestly keep coming back to this one. 
What I have included here is:
  • The Harpoon Gunsight.
    • Translated into English
    • Removed an annoying red "bloom" that plagues most of the gunsights when in arty mode
  • Re-programmed the Battle clock so that it provides a 12 hour,  AM/PM display
  • Included the Debug panel, which is really the "What is my PING!!???" and framerate
  • And, I still give Lenya his due by keeping his branding
Enjoy!  Simply put this one file into the /mods/0.9.20 folder.  Done 

NOTE:  Make sure and clean out any previous gun-sight files INCLUDING any gun-sight pyc mods. 

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