sabato 21 ottobre 2017 CamoNet CamoNet mod (new)

Author Pavel3333-Spoter

mod weighs about 100 MB. Mod can update its resources when the game starting.

The list of vehicles on which the mod will display a camouflage net:
American nation:
Light Tanks: Т21, Т49
AntiTanks: Jackson, Hellcat, T25 AT, T28

Germany nation:
AntiTanks: Е-25, Rhm. Scorpion G.

Soviet nation:
AntiTanks: АТ-1, СУ-76, СУ-85Б, СУ-85, СУ-100, СУ-152, ИСУ-152, Оbj. 704, Оbj. 263.
Light Tanks: MS-1, BТ-2, BТ-7, А-20, Т-50, Т-60, Т70, Т80, МТ-25, LTG, LTTB, Т-54S, Т-100 LT
Middle tanks: Т-62А

Sweden nation:
AntiTanks: Strv S1

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