venerdì 1 settembre 2017

Remember the last server

Remember the last server

Time to change it!

I remembered the fashion "remember the last server".

Mod very helpful, except that we do not have to click as idiots when logging in, it has another big plus.

Namely, it can happen that during the CW or any other important battle for you and you get kicked  out of the game.

In the adrenaline rush you may not remember which server you last played and this mod will remember

I know that you can set it in xvm, but not everyone is playing with xvm because you probably know the XVM berries rattles :)

Author of fashion: Ekspoint & _Patrol

I adjusted the mod to work with the new mod mode, not res_mods

And to the mods folder.


After unpacking the fashion somewhere on the disk, move the mods folder to the main game folder.

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