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Realistic crew ovation in World of Tanks 0.9.20

Realistic crew ovation in World of Tanks 0.9.20


The real voice of the crew in World of Tanks 0.9.20 will replace the tired crew voices with more realistic ones. After installation, more than 100 phrases will be replaced. All messages will sound realistic. Download, install and enjoy!

There is not a normative lexicon!

  1. In the installer you will find the following voice files for installation:
  2. voice of the crew 
  3. voice interface
  4. voice acting of the Allies
  5. mod XSoundLoader - makes the sound of turning the tower more realistic
  6. voice capture of the base

There was an opportunity to set realistic radio conversations of the allies, which will be tied to the events in the game, such as "So sure!", "No, no!" and other things. This means that they will be completely logical. All in all, this voice-over of allies has 250 phrases.In addition to the voice acting of the crew, you can also download the installer with the installation of two add-ons that will change your already familiar gameplay:
  • dynamic atmosphere of war
  • atmosphere maps

The atmosphere of the war will add to each map a unique voice of combat operations. Since all maps are different, not each of them has a certain terrain, weather conditions and so on. Therefore, each map will have a separate dynamic atmosphere of war. Atmosphere cards - will replace the music before the battle, for each card selected a certain music. In the latest update was added a full version of the voice acting, which includes:
  • realistic voice acting crew;
  • realistic negotiations of the Allies;
  • sound capture base;
  • the sound of the shell collapsing after the shot;
  • the sound of turning on the pipe;

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