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Mod Battle Observer - a panel of accounts with HP teams + many other chips WOT 0.9.20

Mod Battle Observer - a panel of accounts with HP teams + many other chips WOT 0.9.20


You are probably already familiar with the add-ons of the Mod HP commands - an indicator of the total strength of the WOT tanks and you no longer need to explain all the charms and advantages of this mod. So just want to introduce you to yet another version of it - a new account panel with an indicator of the total number of HP teams for World of Tanks 0.9.20. In this version, in addition to the indicator itself, a modified account panel, specially created for this modification, was added.

It will completely replace the standard account panel and make it as informative and useful as possible for assessing what is happening on the battlefield. Xp teams will look like two strips, which will decrease as the strength of the tanks of each team decreases. For more information in the panel of HP tanks added and numerical designations.

For fans of minimalism, we added another version of the panel without a background. Maybe someone will do. That's how it will look in the game.

For convenience, the author made several versions of the mod:
  • version with or without the main caliber in two colors (lighter or darker)
  • version for people with color blindness with or without a basic caliber
  • full version of the mod with all the buns included;

New version of the panel.

Specifically for the update, a completely new account panel has been developed, which will include not only displaying the overall strength of the teams and the main caliber, but also the damage you have done. Now you no longer need to install the KVM in order to see how much damage you have inflicted.

In addition to damage, the amount of penetration and the percentage of damage dealt are also displayed. In the latest version, the display of HP of all tanks has been added to the panel. It looks like this.

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