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WMCleaner By straniKS_Scan

WMCleaner By straniKS_Scan

The program is designed to find and remove the versions installed in the WorldOfTanks gaming client. It allows you to find all the third-party files that are linked to the client and automatically deletes them after you back up, if necessary. Program features include:
-Searching Files in the "mods" and "res_mods" client folders (internal mods)
-Analysis and Recovery "paths.xml", definition of third-party links to files and folders in it (external mods)
-Advanced Search extraneous files in the "/" .res file for downloading and analyzing real-time data with the WG update server (external mods)
-Empty the cache in the game directory " \ WorldOfTanks \" (Cache Folder)
-Search and delete lime log (Trunks-files)
-Locate and delete screenshots (Screenshots-files)
-Locate and delete replay (Wotreplays-files)
-Creating a backup backup zip 
Perform customer check through the startup program, if necessary
To work with the program is enough to put exe -file in the root of the gaming client ("WorldOfTanks" folder), and then run it. The program automatically analyzes the gaming client and displays a list of files and mods that can be removed. To remove them, close the program, the game is done.

Additionally, to simplify the task of the desired folder, simply move the mouse to any program file that is running from the root of the game. The program will determine the right way ...

OS Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
Location RUS / ENG
The program has been tested for compatibility with the games (and CT test) clients
Loading data with the WG update server only for the latest current version of the game, if the old client version, the data for the analysis does not participate
Advanced analysis of game client files by detecting all foreign mods (external mods) is only available when you download actual data from the WG update server
The program does not completely delete the entire game catalog from unauthorized client files, focuses on detecting and removing those files, and any changes that are downloaded or downloaded by the game client, and thus compromise their performance and the efficiency

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