martedì 22 agosto 2017

[] Octopus Damage Panel for WOT

Octopus Damage Panel for WOT


The new Octopus damage panel for World of Tanks is a very beautiful, multifunctional and unusual DamagePanel with repair modules in the center of the screen. Now if your module is damaged or if one of the crew members is injured, just click on the damaged module in the center of the screen and you are back in line. And for convenience, your health bar is now at the bottom of the center of your monitor. To create this panel, the author was pushed by the well-known panel from zayaz.

Due to its design and dimensions, the panel fits the standard log of damage from WG, and is also compatible with the Gambiter damage log. If you are used to a standard log of damage then simply delete this folder tv.protanki.damagelog.wotmod. In the archive you will find two versions of the panel, conventional and with UGN. Enjoy your game with this new panel.

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