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[] Mods from Djova (Modpack Jove Extended)

Mods from Djova (Modpack Jove Extended)


Fashion from Jowa is a set of the most useful and necessary modifications for the game World of Tanks. Here are collected different sights, improved damage to the panel, bulbs, angles of guidance and much more. To install this assembly of mods, you just need to download the installer from our site, then select the most interesting fashion in your opinion and proceed with the installation.

It was always presented in two versions:
  • Fashion from Jowa extended version
  • Fashion from Jowa basic version

The expanded version of modpack differs only in the presence of an improved zoom x25, as well as included in the statistics of the deer, all other modes in it are the same as in the base version. This is due to the fact that the assembly of Djova is published on the official portal and it is strongly supported by the VG. But in order for all this to be done there is one condition, modpack should not be a reindeer, as the developers do not like it very much. Therefore, we have to wait for the release of the extended version of the Java mod assembly a couple of days after the base version is released. But it's worth it.

After all, the team of Giov always tries to make modpak the most convenient for use, to achieve maximum informativity with the most insignificant sagging of FPS. This modpack will be an indispensable assistant for every tanker, he will help you survive and win in the most difficult battles. Having installed the fashion once, they will certainly like you and continue to play without them just do not want.

Building mods from Jov for World of Tanks 0.9.20 will replace the game interface details with the best ones, adding a lot of additional improvements and changes. You will get a lot more information about your opponent than before. As always, there will be a lot of exclusives and a lot of interesting in the assembly, so get ready!

  1. Here you can see the full list of mods that are included in Jove Modpack 0.9.20:
  2. Supersky sight of Jove.
  3. Transparent eclipse in sniper mode.
  4. Various panels of damage.
  5. Smart mini-cards, as in the XVM, and alternative.
  6. Lamps "Sixth Sense" + voice acting for them.
  7. A variety of voice acting.
  8. Informative markers.
  9. Zoom mode.
  10. Transparent camouflage skins and white corpses of tanks .
  11. Increased range on maps with fog removal.
  12. Statistics for the session.
  13. Wot Replays Manager is a program for working with replays.
  14. WoT Tweaker - program to increase FPS by disabling various effects
After the release of the update 0.9.20, more than 10 exclusive mods were added to the mod's list of mods:
  • The best, at the moment, armor calculator taking into account the angle of inclination of the projectile
  • Directions of the barrels of the opponent on the mini-map
  • Circle for firing from the invis from the bushes
  • Fashion white corpses of tanks and caterpillars
  • Improved x25 zoom in sniper scope
  • Three new sight
  • Hp tanks in the ears in two versions

To install the mod assembly, you need to perform a few simple steps:

Download the installer (.exe file) from the link below. Open it, put the path to the folder with the client World of Tanks and select the necessary fashion from each category, ticking them.

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