sabato 22 luglio 2017

[] Trajectory 2.0.1 by Pavel3333

Trajectory 2.0.1 by Pavel3333

This modification is intended for displaying and recording paths for different types of tanks. Mod contains 325 trajectories of different complexity! Such positions will help you to enlighten the area and/or shoot at enemy tanks which broke through this part of the countryside. But always beware of artys!

Benefits of Modifications to the "Pathfinder3D" Competitive Mods:
Do not lose FPS! It has been noted that in the "Protanki" mod, the FPS drops from 120 to 80 and even 60 frames per second.
You will see the path on the minimap! That is true, each path will be marked on the minimap while the mod is on.
Do not send data to the network! Modpack "Protanki" sends data about your mods by the network, which may have been one of the causes of the five waves banning players. Our mod does not send data to the network, this can be verified using any sniffer program.
Mod light weight! Our mod weighs 4 times less.

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