sabato 15 luglio 2017

[9.19.1] AVS modpack

                                                                              AVS MODS
                                                                            Author: PlazmaKeks

+ 20k battles of testing done on NA and EU servers.
Original script by PolarFox - upgraded and polished by PlazmaKeks
Auto update function.
ZERO detection.
Custom goalbot settings for NA, SEA & EU servers.

- EWA goalbot
- Tundra
- X-Ray
- Enemy direction
- Lasers
- Gun direction
- Chameleon
- Enemy destruction indicator
- Beyond the render range indicator
- Shadow
- Reloading
- Auto heal / repair / fire extinguisher
- Advanced 6th sense
And much more in one easy to use pack.

Free 10 day trial for NA, EU and SEA servers

                                                                     Source Link

If you have any problems please go to this  link

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