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[]B4it modpack


About b4it


– 6th sense without perk !
6th sense without the 6th sense perk with “Rudy The Dog” sound (barking) and warning sign when are you spotted.
With two options:
Yellow: You might be spotted, if the enemy crew is on 121% with BIA and additional consumables like cocacola or simmilar
Red: There is very high possibilitie that you were spotted

– RedBall
Places the red ball on the position where hidden arty has fired a shell.

– Destructibles on minimap
Indicates the positions on the minimap where the objects were destroyed by the enemy vehicles driving over.

– Tundra
Makes Trees and the bushes transparent.

– Lasers
Extends the enemy gun with the line (laser) in the aiming direction.

– Enemy Reload timer + powerbar
Shows enemy reloading and clip status with the bar, the timer and the remaining shells in the clip.

– Auto Repair (repair modules, crew health + Automatic Extinguisher)
Automaticly repairs damaged modules, heal the crew and extinguish a fire (repair kit, medic kit and manual fire extinguisher consumables must be mounted).

– Info Panel to target (Show installed modules to target + real visible distance and Maximum visible distance)
Modules and view range info panel for targeted vehicle.

– Gui setting
Possibility for in-game change mod settings in a menu in hangar.

– Chameleon
Shows the enemy vehicles in different colors coded by the penetration depth.

– Something was hit
Indicates hitting the non-visible vehicle.

– Shadow of the disappeared enemy
Places a shadow of the enemy vehicle that has just dissapeared.

– Arty splash sphere
Shows arty splash damage area.

– Red Poll
Position of the spotted enemy vehicles and last know positions outside the drawing range.

– When enemy aiming at you shows damage indicator.
Shows direction indicator when the enemy is pointing/aiming at you.

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