mercoledì 28 giugno 2017

[]Auto Aim Sae Paid Version 30

Auto Aim Sae Paid Version 30

Fixed a conflict with BW Mods and PF Mods
Changes in version 30:
- the file structure has changed. Mod packed in Packager wotmod.
- built in the fashion modsListApi, but if you have a separate mods modsListApi.wotmod - uses it.
- replacement of the nucleus hangar settings. In this connection, it fixes a bug with scrolling when selecting keys for parameters.
- changed the principle of target lock. Now capture mod operates independently of the standard.

- in the SETUP mod is entered selection feedforward algorithms:

Now you can set up events like running version 18.1 or 19.9.
In this regard, support for older versions of the mod (18.1 and 19.9) will be discontinued.

- added mod "Tundra" (defaul is disabled and is not loaded).

- changed the parameter "Marker_SPG" - now is the inclusion of the marker only in the strategic mod on Arty.
In arcade works capture.
- changed the ranges of some parameters (reduced to 1 step).
- fixed a bug with target lock when you press the capture with Ctrl.
- also made other minor fixes that enhance the stability and reliability of the mod.

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